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Select the error message displayed by your receiver to see possible solutions.

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Terminal configuration is not accurate. Please contact your operator for further information.

Error message: Terminal configuration is not accurate. Please contact your operator for further information.

If the satellite TV service provider paired the CAM module with the decryption card (the card can only be introduced in that CAM mode), you will receive the above error if the paring information is not received from the satellite.

Wait for a maximum of 30 minutes with the receiver turned on and retry. If the error does not go away, you should call your service provider’s customer service and report the error. They will retransmit you the pairing of the CAM with the card. It is important that the receiver is started and connected to internet in order to receive the information from the satellite.

This pairing information is not transmitted to you for a very long time, so you need to connect the CAM to the satellite (via the GlobSatIP receiver) as soon as possible while the paring information is re-sent.

You do not have the rights to access the program.

Error message: You do not have the rights to access the program.

This error message appears when the TV service provider’s viewing rights for the current period have not been resent. These rights are transmitted for one month, and if the equipment is not connected to the satellite on the day these rights change, they will not be received.

In other words, the first time you open the TV without having these rights, you will get the above error. Depending on the TV service provider, these rights are sent at regular intervals or on demand. If your viewing rights are not received within 30 minutes, you should call the TV service provider and request them to retransmit these rights.

To check the current viewing rights, you can access the receiver menu as follows:

• Access the Common Access (CA) menu. The menu that will now be displayed may vary depending on the CI + version provided by your TV service provider. Choose “Consultation”.

• Then choose “Rights Consultation”.

• Select the operator and then “Class,” after which you will be able to see the month for which you have view rights. All viewing rights you’ve ever received are displayed, the newest being the first ones on the list.


Error Message: Authentication …

This message appears during the card authentication process.

Changes the channel repeatedly. If an error message appears, it may be one of the previous ones. If the handset does not respond to the remote control commands, disconnect the receiver from the power supply for 5 seconds and restart it.

Connecting to server...

Error Message: Connecting to server …

This message appears when the IP connection between the receiver and the satellite tuner is not yet complete. The message should normally disappear quickly. If the error message does not disappear, it may be an IP communication problem.

Check that the LEDs behind the network port (located in the back of the receiver where the ethernet cable is connected) are on (both green and yellow). If yes, check the network configuration (press the MENU button on the remote control, select “Network” and make sure the DHCP option is active. The service will not work if an incorrect IP address is set.

Program is scrambled.

Error message: Program is scrambled.

This message appears when the channel you are accessing is not part of your satellite TV subscription offer. In principle, this error message may also occur when the card inserted in the device is not compatible with the selected decryption system of the selected channel, or when you do not have a decryption card.

No signal.

Error message: No signal.

This error message appears when the IP connection is interrupted or when the selected channel has no satellite signal. There may be no satellite signal during bad weather conditions at the location of the satellite signal reception (GlobSatIP location).

No channels available.

Error message: No channels available.

This error message occurs if there is an operator profile error. The operator profile exists only if you have a CAM CI + version 1.3 module with this functionality inserted in the receiver . The operator profile sorts and numbers the channels in the order desired by the TV service provider (channel sorting according to importance and gender). To reset (re-load) the operator profile to the factory settings, you must go to Menu / CA / Settings / Factory Reset. Press OK twice on the remote control button to reset. In addition to the operator profile, the original profile is stored in the receiver. This profile containing the channel list in the order in which they were scanned. To select the original profile, tap Menu / Channels / Operator Profile and select Original.

Do you need the user manual?

The GlobSatIP Receiver User Manual can be viewed online or downloaded below in PDF format.

If your browser blocks the opening of the PDF file, please use the “right click” option of the mouse, and then select the option to download the PDF manual (“download linked file”, “save link as” etc., depending on the browser used). Then, to open and view it, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free here.