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What are the services of GlobSatIP?

We have a satellite tuner dedicated to you that you can access over the internet so that you can receive the desired satellite signal without a parabolic antenna. You have full control over the frequencies you want to be received through the dedicated receiver.

How does the service work?

The GlobSatIP receiver installed in your home will work the same way as a satellite receiver, so you can choose the satellite and frequencies you want to scan, but instead of connecting to a coaxial cable, you will use a network cable. This makes the antenna to be replaced by an internet connection.

Where are available the services offered by GlobSatIP ?

Dedicated tuner access services are provided via the Internet.
The user can access different programs on the desired satellite, but needs to separately purchase a subscription to a satellite television provider to view the programs included in a TV subscription available on the satellite.
The user must comply with the terms and conditions imposed by the satellite television provider whose subscriber is in all respects, including the viewing location of the programs included in the subscription.

What TV channels can I see through GlobSatIP?

You can see any channel transmitted by the satellite television providers transmitted by GlobSatIP service coverage satellites.
To view encoded channels, you need a subscription to your respective satellite TV provider.
The list of satellite television providers (with links to their official websites, where available channels are also listed) can be found here.

What do I need to get access to satellite television without an antenna?

You must have a fast internet connection at the minimum speed at any time of 20Mb / s . Since most Internet connections are “best effort”, the biggest chances to get such a constant connection quality are through the use of an Internet fiber optic subscription: FTTH (fiber to home) or FTTB (fiber to building). A good quality VDSL (coper cable) connection may also be sufficient. Moreover, in order for the image to be free from degradation and interruption, this speed must be maintained throughout the connection between your receiver and the tuner at all times.
Because we offer you a dedicated tuner and do not video stream, we do not have access to the content you want to access, so our service has neither “buffering” nor “adaptive bitrate streaming” (real-time tracking/adaptation of content under reduced bandwidth conditions). If the connection between the tuner and the receiver does not have sufficient speed at any time, the media may be interrupted (black screen or scattered / pixelated image) and it returns when the speed is adequate.
To test the connection speed click here.
The connection between the internet provider’s router and the GlobSatIP receiver must be done only via a network cable. Do not use an “Ethernet over Powerline” solution (adapters used to bring the internet to another room via power sockets).
You have to buy from us a monthly subscription for GlobSatIP services and a GlobSatIP receiver, which you will connect to your TV and the internet.
You must also acquire a satellite TV subscription from one of the available operators on one of the satellites covered by our services, provided that it offers a technical solution for a CI + module that will be inserted into the GlobSatIP receiver.

How do I subscribe to my satellite TV distributor for access?

Check out the list of satellite TV providers transmitted by the GlobSatIP service covered satellites … here.
Contact your favorite distributor using the contact details on its official website, follow the steps recommended to subscribe, get the CI + module and the appropriate decoder card.

What documents are required to subscribe to GlobSatIP services?

No specific document is required.

What type of subscriptions does GlobSatIP offer?

GlobSatIP offers one-month access subscriptions, with auto-reactivation for the next month in case of bank card payment.

You can find more details on the dedicated page here.

From when does GlobSatIP prepaid option take effect and how do services start?

You have access to GlobSatIP services from the moment of payment confirmation for a calendar month. For the first month, we will wait till you receive the equipment.

How long does the delivery of the GlobSatIP receiver last?

Sending the GlobSatIP receiver is within 3 business days of the order / payment. It can take between 3 and 15 days depending on your destination.

Can I install and set my GlobSatIP receiver on my own?

The GlobSatIP receiver comes with instructions to help you get through all the steps you need to install and set it up. At the same time, our team is at your disposal for questions, either by email at or by phone at +40212049188.

CHow do I extend the GlobSatIP prepaid option?

Prolongation of access to service is done automatically at the end of each calendar month at the same time as the corresponding amount is debited.

How can I discontinue my GlobSatIP service subscription?

You may request service suspension and, implicitly, recurring payment at any time, but at least 5 business days prior to the billing date. Suspension is made by mail at Otherwise, the service will be prolonged automatically for another calendar month. Suspension becomes effective on the last day of prepaid calendar month.

For example, if the service was activated on July 12, it will be operational by August 11th at 24 GMT + 2 and will be automatically re-enabled for the next interval until September 11th GMT + 2. Assuming that on September 9 you requested  the service to be deactivated, the suspension will take place from October 12 GMT 0 GMT + 2. If you request the suspension on September 3 (at least 5 business days until the billing date), the service will be suspended from September 12 GMT +2.

What happens to the GlobSatIP receiver after the subscription has stopped?

The GlobSatIP receiver is your property from the moment you paid it.

You can reactivate the service anytime you want.

Can I use the GlobSatIP receiver in different locations?

From a technical point of view, the GlobSatIP receiver can be used in any location wherever you are, as long as it is connected to the internet and you have an active access to GlobSatIP services.

Does GlobSatIP work with services provided by other companies?

No,it dosen’t.. The GlobSatIP receiver only works in together with the GlobSatIP satellite tuner access services.

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