About Us

Telecommunication specialists. TV enthusiasts.

Young company, great experience.

GlobSatIP was set up in 2017 by professionals with experience in information technology.

We are experts in telecommunications and information technology, we are passionate about Internet and television. Our service is addressed to those who want satellite TV, but can not install a parabolic antenna. Together with manufacturers, segment leaders, we have developed and used the best quality equipment so that anyone can access their favorite TV channels.

GlobSatIP offers a practical and affordable alternative to those who want satellite TV without antenna.


GlobSatIP – Satellite TV without antenna
We count on ingenuity

We seek and develop innovative solutions but stable and trustworthy. We study and use the latest technologies, but pass them through filters of utility and reliability. We only work with manufacturers of high-end equipment.

GlobSatIP – Satellite TV without antenna
We are rigorous

We are responsible and rigorous, we focus our energy and resources so that we do not lose sight of the main goals. We test and test successively to ensure top-quality products and services.

GlobSatIP – Satellite TV without antenna
We build trust

The time of our customers is important. We strive to make things clear, to offer efficient and easy-to-use services with minimal interaction, simple steps and adequate support in case of need.

GlobSatIP – Satellite TV without antenna
We are developing with measure

We are anchored in technology and we are constantly concerned with finding new or better alternatives. We see, of course, the extension of services and the coverage area, but we chose a controlled development with small steps, so we can maintain the quality at the highest level.

• An internet connection (minimum 20 mb / s) is required for the good operation of the Satellite-IP services.
• GlobSatIP is not a streaming service, but a tuner rental service. The content is not accesible to our systems being encripted all the way to the customer receiver by the content distributor.
• A subscription purchased from one of the distributors present on the satellites covered by our conversion services is also mandatory.
• To subscribe to the services of your preferred TV distributor, the customer must follow his steps and procedures (can be consulted on his official website) and  is bound by the terms and conditions imposed by the satellite broadcaster whose subscriber he is.


Thank you. We strive to be better.


More details about services and receiver can be found here. If you have questions about our services, you can also check the FAQ section. Alternatively, contact us for further details using the contact details and form in the Contact section.